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Dogs need more than physical activity to keep them healthy; they also need mental stimulation! Let your dog get their energy out while also exercising their brain with new experiences. 

Trust us: your chewed-up couch will thank you for it.



Pet Empowerment

(n.) a method of handling pets that fosters confidence, independence, and happiness by allowing them to make their own decisions and setting them up for success.


Let your dog get their energy out at our one-of-a-kind dog daycare.


Get peace of mind while away with enriching pet boarding options.


Raise a dog you can take anywhere with our force-free dog training.


Keep your pet feeling good with low-stress cat and dog grooming.

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We’re here to answer questions, give updates, and ease your worries while you’re away from your pet. We’re always just a phone call away!

We’re always more than happy to answer questions and give updates!

On your pet’s first day, we’ll text you a Pup-date with notes on how they’re doing  and photos of their day. 

Want a peek into all the fun your pet is having? Follow us in Instagram and Facebook! We share tons of photos of our daycare and boarding pups.

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We’ve been caring for the St. Louis Area’s pets for over 30 years, but we’re far from old-fashioned! Our facilities provide a blend of state-of-the-art care and our tried and true Pet Empowerment methods.

raise an
empowered pet

Whether your pup prefers group or individual play, they’ll get the enrichment and socialization they need to become a happier, more confident dog both here at Petropolis and out in the world!


Learn more about our services, get expert pet care advice, and stay up-to-date on everything happening at Petropolis.