Puppy Age Restrictions

We know bringing home a new puppy is tons of fun, but the adjustment period can be overwhelming for your new furry friend. Plus, young puppies should be kept away from other dogs until they’re fully vaccinated. For these reasons, we have age restrictions for all our services. 

At what age can my puppy start daycare?

We allow puppies at daycare as young as 12 weeks old as long as they’re up-to-date on their vaccines. 

At what age can my puppy start training?

We believe in starting the training process at home as soon as possible. The sooner you start training and socializing your new puppy, the sooner they’ll learn to trust the world around them.

In our facility, however, we do not accept training puppies younger than eight weeks old. From eight to twelve weeks old, we enroll puppies for individual training programs but do not allow them in group play. We do this to keep your puppy safe from diseases and parasites for which they aren’t yet vaccinated.

At twelve weeks, your puppy can enroll in our full training program, which includes daily group play.

At what age should I get my puppy groomed?

Grooming can be scary for your new puppy, but it doesn’t have to be! If you socialize your puppy to the grooming experience early, you can help them learn to love it. And that makes for easy, stress-free visits for the rest of their life.

We groom puppies as young as eight weeks old. We recommend every puppy start with our Grooming Acclimation Classes, a five-week program to socialize your pup to the grooming environment and process. Acclimating puppies to grooming early sets them up for a lifetime of stress-free grooming appointments.

At what age can I board my puppy?

We offer boarding for puppies as young as 12 weeks old. While we sometimes make accommodations for younger puppies, we strongly advise against boarding before 12 weeks. Your new puppy is still learning about the world and adjusting to your home, and an overnight stay away from you can be overwhelming.

For young puppies, we do everything we can to keep them enriched and comfortable during their stay. We give puppies extra potty walks to keep them on track with their potty training, and they get extra breaks throughout the day to rest between play sessions.